Our Firm

New River Investments was founded in 2011 with the goal of providing better and more transparent investment management services. After years spent working in a myriad of jobs in traditional Broker-Dealers, the founding members came to recognize a transparent fee-only compensation model as the path of the future for the investment industry due to the surplus of intermediaries, complexity, conflicts of interest, cost opacity and regulatory burdens in the traditional brokerage industry.

In contrast to the brokerage industry and some of our advisor clients, the vast majority of New River Investments’ liquid net worth is invested alongside our investors. We do not make securities investments outside of what we offer to our clients. We eat what we cook, so to speak. This model benefits both advisor representatives and clients. By being invested alongside our investors, we limit potential distractions and aim to reduce any potential for conflict of interest. In addition, a significant part of our compensation is through contributions to internally-managed tax-deferred retirement accounts. We believe in the work we do and we invest alongside our clients because of it.

New River Investments is transparently compensated by clients directly and exclusively according to a mutually agreed formula. We receive no sales commissions or “trails” from mutual or money market fund shares, do not mark-up margin lending rates, and never act as an intermediary in a transaction or receive any sort of compensation for order routing. As a registered investment advisor (RIA), New River Investments and all its representatives are held to a Fiduciary standard and are obligated to provide our clients with the best advice, the best execution, and the lowest costs that we can. We only work for the interest of our clients. Some of our competitors engage in what is referred to as “soft dollars,” a practice in which investment managers execute trades though broker dealers in exchange for research services. At New River Investments, costs and execution come first, and we pay for any outside research directly ourselves as opposed to through the commissions of our clients’ trades.

More information about our firm, including our registration form (Form ADV) which contains valuable information about us and our firm and all investment adviser representatives can be accessed through the SEC’s Investment Adviser Public Disclosure (IAPD) website by searching for “New River Investments” in zip code 90071.



Guillermo Roditi Domínguez

Guillermo Roditi Dominguez is a founding member of New River Investments. After working for Cantella & Co., Inc., a Boston-based Broker-Dealer, in multiple capacities from 2005 to 2010, Guillermo formed New River Investments in 2011 with the goal of providing superior, differentiated and more transparent investment advice to clients. Guillermo earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Economics from Northeastern University. Guillermo resides in Los Angeles, California.


Conor Sen

Conor Sen joined New River Investments as an investment adviser representative and member of the asset-allocation committee in 2012. Previously, Conor was the director of markets and analytics for Kabbage, an Atlanta-based financial technology startup. Prior to that Conor was a risk officer at Partner Fund Management, a multi-billion dollar San Francisco-based hedge fund, where his responsibilities included portfolio hedging, risk modeling, and equity/credit derivatives. Before joining the financial industry, Conor was an analyst in the Trust and Safety group at eBay in San Jose, California. Conor graduated from Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, California with degrees in Computer Science and Economics. Conor resides in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife and daughter.


Matt Busigin

Matt Busigin joined New River Investments as an investment adviser representative and member of the asset-allocation committee in 2014. Matt previously held engineering roles up to an executive level in the telecommunication sector, most recently as Chief Information Officer of Hover Networks. Matt’s work on economics and finance have been published by the CFA Institute, Business Insider, as well as highlighted by the Financial Times, AOL Daily Finance, Pragmatic Capitalism, and Abnormal Returns, among others.  Matt splits his time between Buffalo and Orlando with his wife and daughter.


Samantha Powell

Samantha Powell joined New River Investments to head operations in 2014. Previously, Samantha was a Campus and Marketing Strategist at 85 Broads, now known as Ellevate, a network connecting women in business at all stages of their educations and careers. She then went on the hold a number of positions within the retail sector. She earned a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Politics from Princeton University. Samantha resides in Los Angeles, California.